What we do

Although founded in 2011 we’re not really a new company. TCC’s founders have been active in the market of used (consumer) electronics since 2004. During this period several companies in Spain, UK, Germany and The Netherlands have been provided by IT-systems and complete fulfilment. Currently, we still develop cashback and take back schemes for several companies in Germany, Austria and the BeNeLux. Our customers are vendors, carriers, retail and on line stores.

We are a young growing company willing to make the difference in the market of used consumer electronics. Together with our partners we work in a closed-loop model in which we find the right fit between the planet, the environment and responsible consuming. Our mission is to inspire and stimulate individuals and organisations to grow their business in a way that is in balance with nature and planet earth.




We want to change the way people and organisations are consuming. Our business aims at stopping the spillage of raw materials used in the production of consumer electronics.

Today we all own loads of electronic devices that help our lives become more convenient, exciting, memorable, or that enable us to connect with the world. Think of mobile phones, laptops, notebooks, tablets, digital cameras, game consoles and other electronic devices we use for pleasure or work in our daily lives.

Due to the rapid development of these goods we often replace them long before they have reached the stage of an ‘end-of-life’ product. We replace them because the follow-up is faster, slimmer, has a better memory or simply looks better. And the replaced goods? Well, if we do not pass them on then they often end up in a drawer, cellar or garage. And that is a shame for two reasons. First, most of these goods still have a couple of years life in them. Second, we are wasting precious raw materials. And that may be even worse than not using them.

TCC wants to break this cycle. We want to stimulate companies and end users to think about what they will do with replaced and unwanted goods. We offer solutions that offer these goods a second chance. We process them, test them and grade them and make sure they get a second life in Europe or in emerging markets.




We provide IT solutions for trade in and cashback programmes for enterprises. Our services cover IT imlementation, design, logistics, finance, marketing and project management.




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To directly serve consumers please visit our own webshop RecycleMichael.nl.






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