About 80% of replaced consumer electronics are still in good working order. This means that a lot of these items can still be used after they have been replaced. TCC always tries to get the best out of the products we collect and receive. We agree with the statement made in the directive set by the European government, the WEEE directive, that RE-USE of a complete device is the best form of recycling. This means that we always do our best to initially re-use a device as a whole. If we do not succeed we try to recover as many parts as possible for re-usage. Any part we cannot re-use is being disposed according to the WEEE directive.


TCC is a registered and official waste carrier and handler. This means we are able and allowed to collect, transport and handle all kinds of (used) and faulty (consumer) electronics within the European Union. After we have collected and processed the goods our partners receive all necessary environmental paperwork for their administration.

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